Gallery of Nicolay Bessonov

I worked at series about witchcraft for more then 15 years. As every history-painter, I collected an infotmation about the epoch. It is not a secret that my predecessors of XIX century made many mistakes in details. So a world of my pictures contained a visual information, found in museums or in ancient engravings. I tried to restore a dress, interiors, coiffures and tortutre instruments as it was. My art-work went with work of a writer. The documentary monograph «Witch Trials» is a peculiar commentary to the painting.
Now the series about an inquisition is finished. I work up another topics: a history of gypsies and afro-americans. But I can to return to my first cycle if I'll have an order.
Some time ago I made myself familiar with a computer painting. You can see here two works of this genre: «Moonly night» and «Arrest». There are my another computer pictures at the site poster.pp.ru.
I recommend the site bessonov-art.narod.ru for all, who will take an interest to my creation: books, illustrations, designs, theatrical costumes and caricatures.
If you want to write me your opinion and suggestions, my web-address is: bessonov-art@narod.ru.