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Author of this site is a painter and a writer Nicolay Bessonov.
You will find here an information about a witchcraft and you'll see a reflection of this topic in european art. During few centuries artists represented mysterious sabbaths and executions of poor «witches». Most interesting of this art-works are in headings of the site.
But I'm the author of paintings about a witchcraft too. You'll see in the «Gallery of Bessonov» flights to a sabbath and a sorcery. Here is terrible world of inquisition: barefoot girls in chains, cruel hangmans, gloomy torture-chambers, prisons, dungeons, irons, stocks, collars and of course burning at stake.
I know all that I painted well enough. In 2002 was published my documentary book «Witch Trials - an Illustrated history». Every fact in this edition based on an analysis of inquisition treatises and works of famous historians. I made new illustrations for my book and all this drawings exposed in the «Gallery of Bessonov».
Open for yourself a visual image of witchcraft.