After opening the site I have received many responses. It is not surprising. Site attendance appeared to be high enough, and - by letters - many people want to see new materials here. Frankly speaking, I was not going to do updating. I have left a theme of an inquisition and a witchcraft some years ago. Now I (as an artist and a writer) interest a gipsy history much more. Nevertheless, friends of the site insisted that periodical update of the site is necessary. And some people even sent me pictures, found in Internet. Having thought, I have decided to meet desires of an audience. And though I draw nothing about "witches" more myself, I shall show something from " new receipts".

updating for February 2006:

- The"CINEMA" section is added. You will see here stills from films about West-European history.

- The "EXIBITION" section is added. There are old drawings, pictures of modern artists and photos that were found in Internet and sent on my address from different countries.