Pornstar Tasha Reign on Viewers Odd Double Standards

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Pornstar Tasha Reign on Viewers Odd Double Standards

Fuelled by Fantasy – Why Are Stockings Sexy?

Stockings are sexy because they not only look great, they also feel great. Made from silky nylon, modern fashion stockings are silky smooth to the touch and invite the caress of a man’s hand. Read more inside my article.

Sex, Self-Awareness and Intimate Relationships

There are some surprising similarities between Sex and Self-Awareness with regard to Intimate Relationships. Some of which you might have never thought about. And why would you? The two seem to be worlds-apart. But are they?

How To Get Her To Come At The Same Time As />

Can a male and a female reach orgasm at the same time? If this is possible, how can you achieve simultaneous orgasm?

Three Lifestyle Changes to Get Rid of Vaginal Dryness

Persistent vaginal dryness can put your personal life at a standstill. Occasionally the problem is a result of hormonal changes, but most of the time it comes from certain factors in your lifestyle. Changing your lifestyle in positive ways can help you restore moisture to a dry vagina. And fortunately, all the changes you need to make to see results are quite easy.

Energetic Stages of Relations and Relationships

The forms of what most people call God are many. Superficial passion produces only some income. Awake from your slumber of mediocrity.

What About the Kama Sutra?

The Kama Sutra, believed to be written during the second or third century C.E. by the Hindu Vedic philosopher Vatsyayana, is a guide to virtuous living, filled with aphorisms on the nature of love and the importance of family life. It tells of finding a life partner and creating a harmonious relationship, navigating the challenges of extramarital relationships, balancing family and duty and the need to make a living – as well as a variety of positions for sexual intercourse.

Women Use EFT to Overcome Sexual Inhibitions

Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, can be helpful in helping women, in particular, to overcome any sexual inhibitions they may have and become more responsive in their intimate lives. Specifically recommended wordings are offered to help overcome self-limiting beliefs around sexual inhibitions.